Artistic line and movement in a bonsai

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Today’s victim is a Ficus microcarpa “crassifolia”. Common name is “green mound ficus. Some people like to call it the “pointy leaf green island” but hey, people call the little lizards that run around all over Florida “geckos” too.

The tree belongs to Steve-o, from one of the Sarasota studygroups. We had yanked it off a much larger ficus he found at a plant rental company (if I remember that correctly. And yes, there are companies where you can rent plants, yearly, monthly or just for an event).

Here’s the parent tree we took this one off of. Pretty impressive, but that tree’s story is for another day.

Let’s look at today’s tree.

It’s complicated, that’s for sure.

The title kinda gives away the aesthetic I’ll be going with.

Twists, turns, switchbacks, line.

I had a conversation several years ago with bonsai artist Sergio Luciani, from Argentina. He was saying…

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