June 5th- rain and swift diary

Jonathan Pomroy

Swift Diary

Yesterday we had an evening of steady moderate to heavy rain. Although in the short term the weather for swifts is rather tough being cool, windy and sometimes wet I think the rain will help the insect population which will of course benefit swifts and many other species of bird. Little to report from our swifts. They are getting out to feed one at a time and are very efficiently incubating their two eggs. There are no low level flypasts and at times like this it is easy to see how some people have no idea that they have swifts nesting in their loft.

Today saw some magnificent skies with big cumulo nimbus clouds producing heavy rain and occasional hail. A time to indulge my love of painting skies in watercolour, combined with the occasional swift coming or going to the local nesting sites.


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