June 14th- nightjar, tawny owl and swift diary

Jonathan Pomroy

I’ve had very little slee! Tolly and I had a wonderful socially distanced evening with Nathaniel and Phil Dargue watching nightjars. We are fortunate to have them very close to Gilling East, a species that is doing very well locally in clear felled forestry areas. Nightjars are nocturnal, emerging at dusk. They have an incredible churring song, which really needs to be experienced to be believed. It has an other-wordly quality, primeval almost. If I didn’t know the sound was coming from a bird, a very beautiful one at that, I would frankly say the sound was quite chilling.

As we arrived an impressive fret spread across the area, rolling in from the North  Sea. This curtailed the light, though the gloom had I thought a rather magical quality, a pewter light enveloped everything. We managed to find the bird churring from a tall fir. But it made frequent sorties…

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