Summer candle-pruning for 2-needle pines, part 4

Nebari Bonsai

Over the last 5 years, I cut this pine’s shoots in three phases; weak first, followed in a week with medium, and a week later, the strong shoots. As an experiment, I cut them all at once this year. A bit unscientific, but compared to the previous years’ results, this year, the candles’ reemergence was much slower. In fact, I ended up boosting my feeding regimen with chemical feeds for the first time in 6 years. Finally, it got moving. Here is a shot from this week:


I’ve been working on and photographing a few projects for some upcoming posts. They will include:

Japanese White Pine
More on shimpaku, kishu, and itoigawa foliage
Fall needle pulling for black pine
Growing material in the ground

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