Shimpaku and sun exposure

Nebari Bonsai

Like many, my first bonsai was a juniper…the procumbens nana, prickly kind with a trunk staked up like a question mark, and the obligatory poodle-like pads. When I started collecting, I moved on to some large, but uncooperative Eastern Red Cedars. It is amazing I came back to junipers at all. Now, more than 15 years later, I’m becoming a big fan of junipers…of the shimpaku variety. Not prickly, and quite cooperative. Yes, they’re very different than P. nana and ERC.

In ’02, I did a Phoenix graft with some shimpaku whips onto old juniper deadwood. Somewhere I have the initial work photographs, but this post is more specifically about sun exposure’s effect on this juniper. The bonsai isn’t great, and hasn’t been a favorite, but I’ve also let it go for a few years at a time, then get froggy and decide to work on it again. Then, it…

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