~Feathers on Friday

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~A few feathered friends on this beautiful, Colorado day!

American Robin

House Wren

Female Bullock’s Oriole

These birds, along with others, have been gracing our yard for several months. A Robin pair call my yard home, perhaps because I feed them mealworms.

Happy Birding!

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Wonders from the Wetlands-4


A flock of lesser flamingos fly overhead, making their way to the holding ponds at Seawoods, Navi Mumbai. To witness these birds fly right over your head, maintaining such coordination and precision has been one of my favorite moments ever.

Right from their approach to the subsequent fly past, these birds generate a wild buzzing sound possibly due to the flapping of wings in such large numbers. A sound so wild and terrifying that it mimicked that of a Luftwaffe Squadron heading towards war. And coupled with the beautiful spectacle of the plane blue sky being painted by hundreds of figures in vibrant red and pink colors- one was surely in for a sensory overload. I was so overwhelmed by the first sighting that it left my mouth hanging and ears buzzing for a while and was able to make a few pictures only when the next batch came in.

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Feathers – Day 6

Hermanus Bird Club

Yesterday was, admittedly, a hard day.  Only two of you managed to identify the Sociable Weaver and get the full three points.  Well done!!  The little bird would have been impressed by some of the things it was called;  everything from owls though eagles to a vulture!  Here are the full images, so that you can see where you went wrong.

Now for today’s birds.  Hopefully you will find them a lot easier!

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