The Root Monster Returns

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Do you remember this ficus?

I can understand if you can’t. It was in the year 2019 BC when I wrote the post on it. (BC you ask? Why, before Covid-19, of course).

Since you’ve seen it last (December the 4th, 2019 BC to be precise) I have since taken the wire off, I think I did it one month later, mid January 2020 AC.

In that time, the tree grew quickly and caused some serious wire scars

I’m not too worried about wire scars right now, the tree is very early in its training and they’ll grow out by the time it’s ready for show, if I ever show it.

But even with the tree getting wire scars, you’d think the branch would stay put, but noooooooo! Look at the above pic, then below, where it should be.

Here’s where it was after the first styling

And now:


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