A contrarian bonsai technique in ten pics

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I’ve posted something like this before, I think on Facebook, but I’m working on a clients tree and I figured I’ll share it to the blog, for posterity or something magnanimous sounding like that.

Pic one:A nice pot, well made, good shape and glaze.

Pic two:

Attention was even given to the interior for good root adhesion. Those scrapes in the clay give the roots something to grab onto.

Pic three:

Made in Italy even. Look at that structure. It’s high fired, pings with a nice middle C note when you flick it.

But….. only one hole! It’s like they thought the texture on the inside was enough to hold the tree into the pot.

As I’ve said before, In another time and place, in front of an audience even, I’m a two hole guy. Or one hole with holes for tie down wires.

You just gotta tie the…

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