Bonsai Empire’s Kimura Masterclass

Nebari Bonsai

My first Bonsai Today magazine was #41; 1996, and it featured an article showing Mr. Kimura planting a white pine in a snag of deadwood using mud balls of moss, clay, and akadama. A couple issues later he split a tall leggy white pine, wrapped it with his signature raffia, and made it into a 9-tree composition. I was quickly intrigued by Mr. Kimura and looked forward to his regular appearances in the Japanese magazine, at a time before the internet made bonsai readily accessible worldwide.

However, other than frequent printed articles over the last 25 years, I’d really only seen one Kimura demo on YouTube, and a couple translated interviews, but I always admired his work.

So when Oscar, owner of Bonsai Empire invited me to watch and review the new Kimura Masterclass, I was excited and honored. The Masterclass is available here: and I wouldn’t blame you…

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