Chandelier reflections

A Gap In The Clouds

I’ve had my second book signing today and while I was waiting I wrote a poem about the atmosphere and the arena of it all. I was there with the kindness of Sarah Stokes who said I could come along to her Art Show and set up a table. Thank you.

Chandelier reflections
echo their light
upon the distant window
as polished floors
soak up their warmth

This nervous poet shivers a little
; there is a chill in the air
as the open doors
allow the oncoming winter’s breath
to seep into his toes
and up to his pen-holding fingers

Laughter from the room beyond
warms him as watercolour moments
are re-painted upon the eyes and minds
of the viewing public

His hat rests behind him above his scarf
calling to be worn
as a headache looms in the shadows …
see here
he is now within…

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