Shohin Elaeagnus

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This little guy is an Elaeagnus umbellata – an autumn olive. Elaeagnus before a trim in May 2020 It’s just gotten a bit shaggy, and with a tree this small, a scant eight inches tall from soil level, you can’t let it grow out too long before losing control of the delicate features needed in a tiny tree. Elaeagnus after… Continue reading Shohin Elaeagnus

Moving Beech Into Refinement

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A better title for this post might be, “I Hope These Steps are Moving my American Beech into Refinement,” but that is a few too many words. Most available literature on beech bonsai addresses European beech, Fagus sylvatica, but I have been experimenting with its larger-leafed cousin, Fagus grandifolia, to see what bonsai methods are effective for this American native… Continue reading Moving Beech Into Refinement

It’s Scary, but it Works!

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The actions taken in the initial styling of an azalea combine to make one of the more horrifying acts of the bonsai art form. Horrifying to others, that is. I know this approach works, and it doesn’t bother me a bit! Here’s whatI mean… Azalea after “first steps” toward styling, 2019 Around this time last year I took the initial… Continue reading It’s Scary, but it Works!

A Hundred Years Water Berry

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Samuel Moring s./ Nanga Bungan / 16 Mei 2020 habitat di daerah tempat tinggal ku, terdapat beragam tumbuh-tumbuhan mulai dari yang sudah teridentifikasi hingga yang sama sekali belum diketahui jenisnya apa. salah satu yang saya temukan di tempatku, adalah sebuah tanaman yang unik. tanaman ini hidup di antara bebatuan karangan yang mana nyaris berada di dalam air sepanjang… Continue reading A Hundred Years Water Berry


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I was born and raised up in my father’s bonsai nursery garden house. I even don’t remember when did I have bonsai trees around but I feel very fortunate to have been raised with a significant connection to both Bonsai and Nature. In fact, didn’t really choose my dad’s footsteps to become a bonsai man as a profession, however the images… Continue reading FINDING MYSELF – ĐI TÌM CHÍNH MÌNH