Trident Forest Re-imagining—

Michael Hagedorn

Several years ago I came across this older trident forest being sold at a bonsai nursery, and was interested in its relaxed, natural-looking lines. The trunks all looked about the same size, roughly, and I suspected we’d be fiddling with it some day to correct that.

Earlier this spring we finally got around to correcting the homogeneity of the old forest’s trunks simply by the addition of younger ones.

Photo from last summer, with chopsticks representing where minor trunks might go. This tree ended up being a quick quiz for Seasonal students over the next few months…’Where do the new trunks go?’

David, Garen and Larry excavate areas for the trunks at a Seasonal class in late winter. Sometimes it’s easier to do such simple additions without taking the bonsai out of the pot.

Close up of our excavations. Chopsticks remain in place so we don’t have the squirrel problem…

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