Spring accents—(and seasonal bamboo clean up technique)—

Michael Hagedorn

Sharing several accents which look their best in the bright washed greens and tentative flowers of the early days of the year-

Equisetum, violet and lady fern

Slug bait is a near prerequisite for keeping your iris fresh looking and nibble-free

Maidenhair fern is a dainty, rather vain early growing accent that appreciates shade

At the end of summer your dwarf bamboo, or sasa, may look a mess, full of dead stems and burned leaf tips

Halfway through a spring cleanup with scissors and tweezers, having taken out any dead leaves and shoots and leaving only those with just opening spring shoots

The finished sasa bamboo offers a fresh-feeling spring display with only the newest leaves and stems left, which offers a feeling of breeziness and possibility that might entice a spring insect like a mayfly to alight for a rest

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