A bit of woodwork.

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Trying to keep me myself occupated during the lock down I decided to build wooden stand that will suit one or two of my trees.

Final product. Mohogany wood with oiled finish.

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Working on the Bonsai

Dear Liza

Dear Liza,

Just about one year ago, I planted some birch and maple seedlings into a shallow pot and named it The Hundred Acre Wood. I have always been fascinated with bonsais and wanted to create my own tiny forest.

The Hundred Acre Wood, May 2019

Of course, there is more to bonsai than just sticking seeds in pots. Their beauty is in their perfect proportions and their aged, rugged beauty. Most fine bonsais, like those displayed at the Japanese Garden here in Portland, are hundreds of years old, taking generations of gardeners to create and maintain.

One of the bonsai at the Japanese Garden

The gentleman showing the bonsais told a story about a man who had taken on the care of an ancient bonsai and then died suddenly. The Guardians of Heaven asked him if he had arranged for the care of his bonsai and when he said…

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A Ficus, Cedar and a Celtis Africana, the update on projects that I have done in the past that you have been waiting for.


Yesterday I uploaded a video to YouTube, giving an update on trees that I’ve worked on in the past. I have posted a few videos on YouTube of projects that I have done but if I look back now I have not always given feedback or updates on those projects.

Before I continue here is the link to the video on YouTube I uploaded yesterday:

Ficus Root Over Rock

The first tree that I gave a update on was the ficus that is styled in a root over rock style. I have done a lot of work on the tree during the past two years. This tree is the first of my root over rock project trees that I am happy with.


In the photos you can see that the tree is doing good and that the hard work has paid off. As mentioned in the video I will be…

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