Looking outside my window at birds: Day 1

The Birder

Today I am just looking out and trying to see as much birds as I can while I am doing my work. I saw a Blue Jay at one of my feeders today. It is too bad that I wasn’t able to take a picture of it to use it for my English Genius Hour Project. I have only really been seeing Doves, Mockingbirds, and Blue Jays lately. I hope I see more interesting birds soon.

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Looking outside my window at birds: Day 3

The Birder

Hello birders. If you didn’t know, I am still looking outside at birds. I really haven’t seen anything interesting interesting lately, so I don’t know what to talk about. Today at around 1:00 p.m., I saw a male and female House Sparrow and a Mourning Dove. Then I later also saw 3 Northern Mockingbirds, 2 Blue Jays, and 1 White-winged Dove. Then later that day until 5:45 p.m., I saw 2 Red-vented Bulbuls, some more Doves, and another male House Sparrow

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Looking outside my window at birds: Day 4

The Birder

Today all I have really been doing is attaching my camera to my binoculars and trying to take really good pictures. If you look at my bird photos from Houston for 5-14-20(today), you’ll see them. Anyways, I keep on seeing the same birds every same day. I have seen many House Sparrows(male and female), and they kept on flirting with each other. I also saw a Red-vented Bulbuls, some Mockingbirds, some Blue Jays, and some Doves.

A Red-vented Bulbul I saw today around 2:00 p.m.

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Bird of the Week: Red-vented Bulbuls

The Birder

Many people have never heard of the bird called a “Red-vented Bulbul”, especially people who live in the lower 48 states. You want to know why? It’s because Red-vented Bulbuls only live in Asia, some Pacific Islands, and Hawaii.

But little do some people know, some Red-vented Bulbuls were brought to the US and escaped in the suburbs of Houston(where I live).

So, I am one of the few people in the US who see them daily. I see them daily because there is a bug family of them who live in the trees outside of my bedroom window. Since Houston is no where near the best city, if you’re a bird-watcher, only come here if you want to see the Red-vented Bulbuls.

©Justin Leahy

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I’m at 221 for 2020…

Birder's News

At the wildlife refuge I managed to find another 4 bird species that I hadn’t seen yet this year. 🙂

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any good photos of any of them!!! I stopped at a small pond to eat my lunch and that is where I spotted the Purple Martin. He was flying overhead fairly high up on his way off towards another pond.

Then, I saw a few birds fluttering around at one end of the pond. I thought that they were Tree Swallows, so I didn’t take a closer look. After a while, the birds started zipping around my end of the pond. That is when I really watched them and saw the way they quickly flapped their wings. I looked at the shape of their wings are realized that these were actually Chimney Swifts, which I had not seen yet this year!

I thought for…

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Can You Guess Which Bird This is…

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Lately, a few of you have mentioned that you enjoy figuring out or guessing which bird species I show a photo of…

That being said, I will show you a photo and you can try to identify which bird it is. Remember, don’t scroll down past the photo until you give a guess…


Did you guess? Now, if you know your birds, this one is fairly easy… It’s the White-eyed Vireo! Did you get it right? Take a close look at the eye, can you see why they call it White-eyed!!!

In the springtime the male can be very noisy, calling away to let everyone know just where his territory is! “Chick-of-the-village” is what the people in Bermuda call this bird, since that is kind of what their song sounds like…

I do hear them a lot when I’m birding, but I can’t always find them. Though if you stay…

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Who do You Think This Bird is?

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May 9th was the global big day for birding, did you do any birding? I just looked around my neighborhood, but I managed to see 22 different species.

My brother has told me that he is seeing Warblers up in New England, so they have migrated there already even though they recently had snow flurries! I’m planning on going out birding this week, so hopefully the Warblers haven’t all migrated up north, because there are still quite a few that I haven’t seen yet this year…

So I know that you like to see my photos and figure out the birds. Okay, so here is another bird photo for you to guess just what bird species this is. Remember don’t scroll past the photo until you make a guess…


Did you make a guess? Did you guess the Snowy Egret? This bird is very similar to the Great Egret, but…

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I Saw a Couple of Birds While Kayaking…

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A couple of days ago we had a nice, warm, sunny day, so instead of doing yard work all day we decided to go kayaking in the lake behind my house.

The wind was calm, so it was a nice easy paddle. We went in the direction that goes under a bridge. I wanted to go that way, because anytime I drive over that bridge lately, I’ve seen birds flying out from underneath. I thought that there would be barn swallows, but I was hoping for other swallow species nesting under the bridge too.

When we got close to the bridge we started to see the swallow. I saw the Barn Swallow, you can identify them from their long fork tails.

With the Barn Swallows I spotted other Swallows that did not have fork tails. After paddling directly under the bridge I was able to see the Cliff Swallows. They…

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Mother Bluebird With her Babies…

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They other day in my backyard, I was seeing some activity in an old Purple Martin house that was in the yard when I moved in… I had never seen any birds nesting in the house, so I was surprised to see birds flying in and out.


It was an Easter Bluebird family. They adult female is the one with the rusty red breast. She has one juvenile down below her and the other one on the side…

The adult Bluebirds will have 2, sometimes 3 broods, per year. Both parents will feed the young and even the juveniles from the previous brood may help to feed the new nestlings.

Here is a closer look at a juvenile, note the spots, those will go away when they become an adult.


I’m really not sure if these birds actually hatched inside the Purple Martin house or if the next brood will…

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