Magnolia Bonsai

Valavanis Bonsai Blog While most bonsai fanciers in our great country are finished with transplanting and now defoliating and trimming deciduous bonsai, we in the frigid Upstate New York area are still dancing with moving trees inside and out, daily to avoid frost and freezing temperatures. We are still transplanting and have over a month before we can even think about defoliating deciduous bonsai. In … Continue reading Magnolia Bonsai

Scotland’s Dotterel: still hanging on

Originally posted on wadertales:
Dotterel brooding chicks Within the UK, the Dotterel now only breeds on plateaux in the highest Scottish mountains, restricted by habitat that is more commonly found in the arctic or arctic-alpine regions.  As soon as climate change became apparent, the Dotterel turned into a focal species for ornithologists who were interested in how species would be affected by climate heating. Their… Continue reading Scotland’s Dotterel: still hanging on