Nighttime musings

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The Night.

My favorite time in The Nook. Early morning is nice, with the fresh air and birdsong. Afternoon can be a bear, especially in the summer. If it’s not raining, the 100% humidity can be stifling.

I can relax in the cool air of a Florida evening, the night breeze brings with it the smells of green, and night blooming flowers. When the sun goes down we can lose 20° F of temperature. That’s like 6-7° C.

Not good in the winter so much, unless you have a warm fire, a fine scotch, and some marshmallows to roast, but when the temps are high, the night air cools the head and brings relief. I’ve been working hard recently getting trees repotted that have desperately needed it, moving and building benches, wiring, pruning, fertilizing, weeding trees.

This Pause we are in has given me time. A pause in time. That’s…

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