Nighttime musings

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The Night. My favorite time in The Nook. Early morning is nice, with the fresh air and birdsong. Afternoon can be a bear, especially in the summer. If it’s not raining, the 100% humidity can be stifling. I can relax in the cool air of a Florida evening, the night breeze brings with it the smells… Continue reading Nighttime musings

10th World bonsai day the 09 May 2020

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How many of you knew that world bonsai day will be celebrated on Saturday 09 May 2020? Not many… Well like many other hobbies, only a few passionate people follow the bonsai trends. Bonsai is small community although there is a lot of interest in bonsai there is but a few that really knows all the history behind it. I do… Continue reading 10th World bonsai day the 09 May 2020

BirdLife SA’s Webinars

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? Barbara advises as follows: “Good Afternoon Gentlemen  (this is addressed to John Saunders and me) I know I am being a pain, but I do not understand your reluctance to inform the HBC’s members about the weekly webinars offered by BLSA, especially as you encourage them to join BLSA. Since April 14th they have had interesting talks every Tuesday… Continue reading BirdLife SA’s Webinars

Sydney Swans – Also Available in Black

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All swans are white, right? Majestic snow-white angels of the lake. Wrong! It was during a 1980s summer holiday to a small English seaside town that I discovered the mute swan’s alter ego; the Black Swan. The English town of Dawlish sits on the south coast of the county of Devon. It has been symbolised by the Black swan since 1906,… Continue reading Sydney Swans – Also Available in Black