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Somehow, somewhere, somewhen, I came into possession of this tree.

Not sure from whence it came, but hence it is….Wait, not hence….here-ence? Herce?

Ah, hither.

I think that’s correct tense.

So…..I’m not sure from whence it came, but hither it is.

Or ’tis…..I think.

Not that I’m doubting its existence. Or that it’s sitting in front of me. I’m just still stuck on the Shakespearean English.

Of course, Shakespeare made up words, soooo…..

As you’ve been looking at the pics and not reading my incoherent ramblings, you should be seeing all the flaws apparent in this ugly tree.

Reverse taper, awkward scars, puny branches, wire marks, flat and predictable movement.

Basically, the worst S-curve one could possibly acquire.

Should you come across something like this, don’t blame the nursery or vendor you got it from.

If they imported it, they have no choice, the trees get packed randomly into a…

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