Shoes Make the Man..uh…Tree or, I wish you were here

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I do believe I’ve written about this ficus before….as old Odin one-eye used to say, “ are not the first to pass this way, nor will you be the last…”

Man, I miss that ride.

Anyway, let me see…….

Ah…here it is the Ficus Maximus post! And the follow up is here , the Dark Side of The Nook.

I guess it’s been four years since an update, I do apologize. I’ve been a bit busy with my studygroups and traveling.

But, since I’m not traveling much at this time in history, I’ve been doing some serious catching up.

So, without further ado, it’s time for a “Ficus Maximus” revisit.

I just “Wish you were here”…..,

Here it was, waaaaay back in April 2016

Just a stock plant, probably $25, from Old Florida Bonsai nursery. I’m not sure they’re even selling trees anymore. I truly enjoyed that place. JJ…

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