Mistakes best avoided, things I wish I knew when I started out with bonsai.


As I was busy preparing to write this blog I scrolled through my old blogs to get an idea of topics that I have covered in the past. I wanted to cover something that would be useful and that I have not covered yet.

I have posted 141 posts since I started blogging so scrolling to bottom took a while. As I read through it I came up with a idea to write a blog on mistakes I made in the past, each one teaching me a valuable lesson. I have come to realize that there are many variables that can be the cause of stunt growth or even the death of a bonsai and that is why I decided to categorized my mistakes into six groups.

  1. Choosing the wrong tree species
  2. Not understanding the role the soil mixture has in bonsai
  3. Incorrect watering and feeding
  4. Trimming and pruning at…

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