Sweet Songbirds

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Eastern Blue Jay I enjoy seeing all types of both songbirds and the exotic big birds here in Florid!  Please click on the thumbnail image to see the slightly larger version of the photo.  Enjoy! Crow Eastern Bluebird Red-winged Blackbird (male) ? Pileated Woodpecker Boat-tailed Grackle (male) Cedar Waxwings Continue reading Sweet Songbirds

New Bird ID Set

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? We are now starting the new set of birds to be identified.  These are all near-passerines i.e. birds that perch and apparently do other things as well.  (Wikipedia defines them as, “Near passerines” and “higher land-bird assemblage” are terms of traditional, pre-cladistic taxonomy that have often been given to tree-dwelling birds or those most often believed to be… Continue reading New Bird ID Set

Bird ID quiz – Results of the First 10

Originally posted on Hermanus Bird Club:
? Mike has reported as follows on the bird ID Quiz.  Well done to those who got more than 50% !  It was a very enigmatic selection!! John Bowman – 8 Lee Burman – 7 Sue Francks, Gavin Turner -6 Ronnie Hazell, Peter Dagg, Margie Ogston – 5 Barbara Palmer, Johan Groenewald, Frank Hallett – 4 Hugh Frangs –… Continue reading Bird ID quiz – Results of the First 10