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As I sat today in this new spot we’ve been calling “The Clearing”, in the early heat of this weird stay-ay-home spring (you know about the weird part, it’s the year 2020, April. But it’s also been 90f on some days, and The Nook is not situated very well for afternoon work), I keep looking at this tree. It’s a ficus salicaria, the willow leaf fig.

It’s not all that special. Here it was back before I styled it.

August 19, 2019 I guess. Stick in a pot.

I’m not sure if I ever showed it. I’m guessing I might have written a blog post, but it could have been during one of my blackouts. That’s an amazing book by the way, The Soloist, by Steve Lopez.

I won the tree at a silent auction in St. Petersburg (Fl, not Russia). It was cheap!

Anyway, my son was sitting with…

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