5MR Birding in Hamilton, Ontario

The Experienced Intermediate Birder

Have you heard about 5MR birding yet? The idea is to bird within a five-mile radius of your home address. I believe the concept originated in the USA. Here in Ontario and the rest of Canada, it’s actually 8KR as we use the metric system. 5MR birding is a green initiative. So many birders patrol their patches or chase rarities in their vehicles. I don’t drive but I still join friends when possible for day excursions. The more in the vehicle, the smaller the eco-footprint, I hope. Still, birders spew a lot of exhaust as they pursue their passion. With 5MR birding, it’s possible to cover a patch on foot or bike or public transit, where available.

5MR birding wasn’t created to help birders deal with the current pandemic. The timing, however, is perfect. I’ve been out several times, practicing physical distancing, as I bird my circle.

Ontario birders can…

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