Keeping true to my promise. Working on 200 bonsai trees in the next 17 days.


As we reach the end of day 04th of the #lockdown2020 I am still working on at least one bonsai tree per day. I worked on two trees today and one over the weekend. I try and take a break from my trees and the internet during weekends. Today I had to force myself to make time to work on my trees again. Once the ball starts rolling it is easy to keep the momentum going. It’s when you stop that it becomes more and more difficult to get in motion again. It felt like a uphill battle to get started today. I just wanted to finish one tree and call it a day but I pushed myself to do more. It does not take a lot to work on the trees, it’s just that there are so many other things that need to be done that seems more important…

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