Day 06 of #lockdown2020 : Finished work on eight bonsai trees today including a tree that I have been growing a sacrifice branch on.


Today was one of the better days for me personally. I worked on eight bonsai trees today. Most of it was small trees but one in particular that I want to spend time on during this blog is my Ficus bonsai with a sacrifice branch.This technique is very useful for correcting and developing your bonsai. After I explained the technique I will be posting the photos of some of the other trees I worked on.

Sacrifice Branch
What is a sacrifice branch? A sacrifice branch is a branch that you grow on a bonsai tree that will allow you to speed up the development process of your bonsai tree. This branch will then be removed at a later stage. A sacrifice branch can be used to thicken up the trunk or to help cover up huge scare, where big branches were removed. Sacrifice branches stay on trees for different lengths…

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