The Art of Japanese Bonsai

Adela Teban

The Art of Japanese Bonsai is well known, they are very popular all over the world these days, but I feel like there history and symbolism is kind of left behind. Many people have in their home a bonsai tree as a decorative plant, but very few of them know exactly what is the meaning of it and what spiritual benefits brings to their home. The bonsai is one of the most authentic connection between the nature, art and spirituality in Japanese culture. bonsai-3125722_640Bonsai utilizes horticultural techniques along with artistic applications to cultivate miniature replicas of trees as they’re found in nature. The tradition has been refined over the last millennium to reflect the aesthetic qualities found in nature through balance, simplicity and harmony. The bonsai tree is not just a decorative plant, is a true form of art with deep and powerful meaning. In Japanese culture, people use the…

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