Arid Areas Birding – Part 5, Kgalagadi National Park


We entered the park through the Twee Rivieren Gate and proceeded to our first stop at Nossob Camp where we had a river front chalet for three nights.  There were the usual stops along the way to look at sleeping lions, a leopard half hidden under a bush and a stretching cheetah.  It was very hot and the few birds that we saw were gasping for air!

Mornings were spent at the waterholes around the Nossob area and the large flocks of Cape Turtle Doves and their pursuing Lanner Falcons were a sight to behold.  There were, of course, other smaller birds present, such at Yellow Canaries, Shaft-tailed Wydahs, Red-headed Weavers and the ubiquitous Lark-like Buntings, as well as the odd raptor.  Swallow-tailed Bee-Eaters provided bright flashes of colour, and various antelope wandered by.

From Nossob, we moved on to the wonderful Grootkolk bush camp, a place where one can…

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