A haunted, hurricane hasseled and hampered, hackberry. Redux

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Here was a favorite tree. Before the hurricane.

I wrote a full article three years ago in the popular post Haunted Hackberry.

Then we had Hurricane Irma.

The bitch.

Irma caused some trouble everywhere. In my backyard we had all kinds of damage, and not just to my little trees. But looking back as you go forward tends to cause you to trip and stumble in the journey.

Here’s the tree today.

It’s dormant, for winter, so that’s why it’s ragged looking. But the pic below shows the main damage (after some serious pruning)

I lost the whole top.

If you reread the above linked post, I go through a whole thesis on why I chose the front I did.

Now, I need to choose a new front.

This ain’t it….

Nor this….it could be, but there’s a better one.

Right around here was the original front, give or…

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