From dawn on, it was morning in motion in our garden.
640AM  Bewick’s Wren comes out of the vine tangle to join juncos already feeding.
710AM  Juncos abound, 2 yellow-rumps together on either end of the biggest suet log…warily sharily, not real togetherness like you see in finches and Bushtits.
718AM  The Audubon’s Warbler appears for the first time–suets him just fine.
730   First starlings of the day.  Juncos still on ground and in bushes, as they will be unless something untoward appears.
732  First siskin onto a platform feeder, soon joined by a second, they will eventually number at least seven.  Yellow-rumps and juncs around.  The warblers are chasing one another to what end?
750  Male Spotted Towhee debuts.  Juncos, warblers, starlings all about.  Starling rarely care for anything besides the suet.  Juncos concentrate on the sunflower seeds wherever they may find them.
753  First tree squirrel.  The local…

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