Spring has Sprung

The Evergreen Mom

Cliche, right?It’s all good. I started off March by impulse buying a new succulent. Haworthia Cooperi to be exact. I’m so excited for it to get here. If you don’t know what it is, it’s this interesting thing.

I also bought another plant over the weekend. My first bonsai, I named her Peaches. Dat booty. She’s a Ginseng Ficus. She was in desperate need of a cut, so I gave her a trim. Eventually I hope she’ll look more bonsai like!

There she is pre and post trim and I took the cuttings and started propagating them in water.

Fingers crossed in about a month that I’ll have two little baby Ginseng Ficus-es(s)?

Are you houseplant obsessed? Drop a comment below and tell me what your favorite plant is!

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