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It’s gonna be a shaggy dog story. What we have tonight is an American hornbeam (tonight being a few days ago as I sat waiting at the Tae Kwon Do school my children go to. I have two second dan black belt children, and my wife who is also at that level. This night I’m awaiting my middle son as he is in his Kummooyeh class, which is Korean bow and sword training. It’s a fairly new discipline, the master who invented it is still living).

This tree (Carpinus caroliniana) was styled by David Cutchin, who also collected it from the forest, at a BSF Convention several years ago. I won it in the auction.

I bid on it for several reasons. David and I share a passion for native Floridian, and American for that matter, trees. I’ve left the tree alone since last year, until now. It’s mid February…

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