This past week two Purple Finch youngsters showed up in our garden.  First this year. PFI FACE (2)Driving rural roads in Yamhill County now you can now see stark white and rich pink of feral plum trees declaring February is really spring. FIRST PLUM
Songs can now be heard from House and Lesser Gold-finch, Song Sparrows, the mating call of flickers.  Those are species that will nest here.  The wintering migrants like Fox and Golden-crowned Sparrow, Varied Thrush–they are not likely to sing just yet.

The Joe Dancer wetlands are drying out with lack of recent rains, but I recently raised a snipe still there.  On Wednesday two orange butterflies chased one another at Hagg Lake.  And on sunny days I see the small pale flies that feed on moldy plant matter. And a single bee sped past me during the mid-day sun yesterday!2 in grass (2)all in (2)CRPR (2)Al these  birds were seen here in McMinnville.  The Brown…

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