Another small elephant pile of pleasant tidbits


Be forewarned: this post is going to go all around the houses, through all the back alleys, round and round until it probably ends up nowhere. So if you value your time at all, hit the back button now!

Having said that, I plan to make this elephant pile have a little more depth to it than the other small elephant pile I wrote some time ago. (However, I’m pleased to see that after all this time, that post still has relevance in the world of today.)

Speaking of ‘the world of today’, one thing I did today was to renew my ‘personal plan’ with WordPress. For two years (because there’s a discount for that, and I’m a cheapskate). I did so because I hate adverts with a passion, so I wanted to ensure that you, Dear Reader, weren’t being subjected to any of these loathsome things when visiting ‘Wibble’…

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