Fields, Mangroves, Sea, Birds

San on the Lam

Tuesday 10 December 2019. Costa Rica.

A whole new area to explore, so we were up, bright and early, heading for the breakfast bar and to look at the feeders. It was pretty active, although mainly with Clay-coloured Thrushes and Hoffmann’s Woodpeckers, although a little diligent watching between mouthfuls of scrambled egg got us a Squirrel Cuckoo, albeit a very brief view!

We had some target sites in mind, whilst in this area. We wanted to visit the Carara National Park, a place we hadn’t managed to get to on our last visit, in 2005. The weather had been awful, torrential rain, and the park had a very bad reputation for car crime. It is better nowadays, they have guards on the car parks during opening hours, so we were happy to give it a go. We also wanted to fix up a boat trip for the Tarcoles River, preferably…

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