Cedar Waxwing

Feathered Focus

Hey guys, welcome back. Today is one of two waxwing species in the US. In fact there are only three waxwings overall. The cedar and bohemian waxwings found here in North America, and the Japanese waxwing found in, you guessed it, Japan. There’s no mistaking a waxwing either. They are very slick and smooth looking birds with a sleek black eyemask and crest similar to that of a blue jay or cardinal. All the waxwings share these features but can be separated by size and overall coloration. The cedar waxwing is a warm brown fading to a lemon yellow belly, gray wings and yellow tail tip. They get their name from the red waxy secretions on their feathers. Scientists aren’t 100% sure why they have this waxy substance or what its purpose is, but the prevailing theory is to attract mates.

Cedar Waxwing5 Cedar waxwing bathing, Central Park, NY

The cedar waxwing…

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