Blackpoll Warbler

Feathered Focus

Hey guys, welcome back. Can you believe January is already over! Crazy. Today is the tale of a warbler that holds the record for longest over-water migration of any songbird, the blackpoll warbler. More on that in a minute. The blackpoll is a fairly large (by warbler standards) warbler that in spring looks fairly similar to a black-and-white warbler. I remember some former colleagues of mine in New York having difficulties telling the two apart. They are mostly black and white striped, with a gray back, and a black cap over their face leading a current coworker of mine to refer to them as the “chickadee warbler.” Males and females look pretty much the same except the female lacks the black cap. Pretty straight forward. Well, in spring. In fall? Well, good luck. Fall blackpoll warblers are one of the reasons many guide books are given “confusing fall warblers” an…

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