Japanese plum ( Ume 梅 ) flower

Life in Japan

Sakura ( cherry blossom) is famous, of course.

But if you come to Japan in February , you can not miss the Japanese plum flower !

It’s the same family with Sakura as ” Rosaeae”. Awwww….. how I can explain ..how the fragrance is gorgeous ?!

Maybe it’s the Rosaeae family so that it has a hint of rose aroma, then more crystal (?) aroma… you must try to smell the flower.

There is an old ancient Japanese plum tree at middle of mountain, the tree is designated as National Natural treasure, because the original tree ( the mother tree) was from Muromachi Era ( around 14C).

Even though it’s the national treasure but there is no one at there… if it’s in Kyoto, I’m sure there would be millions of tourist around the tree…

The original tree was died but the tree used to be like ” dragon”, it…

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