Full of flowers and fruits, Sera town ( Hiroshima pref)

Life in Japan

There are many places to enjoy beautiful flowers in Japan.

Here, it’s Hiroshima prefecture.

These blue flowers are Nemophila ( Baby blue eyes)

At the same park , you can see these pink /red/white carpet by Phlox.

The park is middle of the plateau ( the altitude is around 500m ).

This area is also famous for lots of fruits and honey.

Now you can see Japanese pear’s flower.

Not only fruits but also they produce wine !

There is a winery.

It’s very rural area.

My image of “Hiroshima” is just ” the peace park” and “Miyajima “.

But since I have lived in the island near Hiroshima and started wondering around Hiroshima , I can’t stop be amazed how beautiful place with lots of nature ! Even they are not far from Hiroshima city!

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