Northern saw-whet owl


超级萌 的 Northern saw-whet owl 🦉 在George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary一条步道上,大概这个位置:49.102393, -123.182976。 一双大眼睛,聚精会神的和摄影师对视,感觉在仔细地研究:这人在干吗?


  1. 拉丁名:Aegolius acadicus,系北美洲最小的猫头鹰之一。成鸟一般身长17到22厘米,平均重量:80克(比一枚鸡蛋重不了多少),尺寸和知更鸟差不多,样子可是可爱太多了!
  2. 中文名直译可作:北方磨锯猫头鹰,名字来源应该是它们发出的连续的尖锐叫声,有人称听起来是锯子在磨石上磨。根据 “Northern Saw-whet Owls have a distinctive too-too-too song, an insistent series of whistled notes on roughly the same pitch, given at a rate of about 2 notes per second. “
  3. 它们的听觉系统及其复杂,两耳垂直不对成且耳廓形状不同,由此声音到达两耳的时间不同、强度不同。这样它们可以通过声音精准定位猎捕。即使在伸手不见五指的黑夜也能捕食。

“The northern saw-whet owl is a small owl native to North America. Saw-whet owls are one of the smallest owl species in North America. Adults are 17–22 cm (6.7–8.7 in) long with a 42–56.3 cm (16.5–22.2 in) wingspan.[3][4] They can weigh from 54 to 151 g (1.9 to 5.3 oz) with an average of around 80 g (2.8 oz),[5][6] making them one of the smallest owls in North America.[7] They are similar in size to the American robin.
The northern saw-whet owl makes a repeated tooting whistle sound. Some say they sound like a…

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