Northern Goshawk – Jan 2020


在一池塘边(George C. Reifel Bird Sanctuary),众多绿头鸭(Mallard)、Northern shoveler (琵嘴鸭)Northern Pintail正争先恐后的上岸找游人撒落的鸟食,

”学名:Accipiter gentilis,别名牙鹰,是鹰科鹰属中一种中到大型的猛禽。与其他𫛭属及鹰等一样都在日间活动。
苍鹰广泛分布在北半球的温带地区。在北美地区被称为Northern Goshawk,是当地的留鸟。“



“The name goshawk comes from the Old English word for “goose hawk,” a reference to this raptor’s habit of preying on birds. “
“Like all accipiters, Northern Goshawks display “reversed sexual size dimorphism”—females are up to 25% heavier than males.”
“The Northern Goshawk is well known for its fierce defense of its nest. It commonly attacks people and other animals that approach the nest too closely.”

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