Nebari Bonsai

I dug this tree at D&E Trees in December 2018:

I chose this one because it had a little flare at the base, some trunk wiggle all the way up, and branches which emerged from all sides of the tree.

Back in Bama…

With the roots exposed, I started to remove the furry ones high on the trunk to see what we were working with. Fortunately, it did have an area of good roots that was relatively radial, which established the new soil line.

Then, it was time to remove everything growing straight down under the base. Removing these will encourage lateral root growth, and a swelling of the base.

Then, removing the heavy roots that were long, and keeping the fine roots that were close in, the feeder roots could be contained in a pot. And, a tree is never stronger than when it is freshly dug, so this…

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