A new (not)Tokonoma

Nebari Bonsai

I am eager to begin the Roarin’ 20s with a better photography setup, which should improve the blog posts. What did I do? Well…check it out.

I have used a rather primitive setup for years…effective, but annoying at times too. The setup consisted of a Costco folding 6’x3′ table, a black sheet nailed to the wall, and a clamp-on floodlight if I need more light. The folding table was crowned in the center, so trees tended to lean toward the outside. The black sheet was fine, but the wrinkles could get distracting, and the clamp-on floodlight definitely wasn’t enough.

I closely-crop my photos to show the tree:

And not the whole wall…

See why? The Costco table is 30″ tall, and I like to display and photograph the trees at a higher level. Traditional tokonoma displays place trees at knee level or lower, meant to be appreciated while reclined. I…

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