Last Day Of January, I’m At 156

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Okay, so today is the last day in January and I’m currently at a total of 156 species for the month/year… I added a few more yesterday. One of the birds I saw was a Ross’s Goose. There was a group of Snow Geese foraging in a farmer’s field too far away for me to really get a good look at them. Suddenly something spooked them and off they flew, high into the sky then they circled around and landed in a pond closer to me…

I was able to take a few photos before they decided they would rather fly back to the fields. When I got home I downloaded my photos onto my iPad for a better look and I was able to find the Ross’s Goose among the flock of Snow Geese.

The Ross’s Goose is smaller than the Snow Goose, with a smaller bill, rounded head…

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