Tokyo By Bike

Today was what we can call an Adventure. Crossing Tokyo city from East to West on a Bike is a Journey. There is days where you just go out of the comfort zone to experience something unusual , something crazy. I believe having days like that , once in a while is healthy as it gives space for others unexpected things.

My dear friend kindly lend me the bike of her grandfather for my stay in Tokyo. But the bike was not close to my house. It was actually very far from it but it didn’t care , I thought this could be a fun adventure. From Chiba to Kichijoji there is about 30 km distance , but you have to cross Tokyo city , and I didn’t had any GPS…

Capture d’écran 2019-11-20 à 19.09.27The bike journey. By bike , google map was anticipating 3h20 but I knew this will never happen as…

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