Best Areas to Visit on Your First Trip to Tokyo!

Jay + Shields

JLD01801If your the type to make a list of top places to visit, Japan should be at the top of your list. Japan is one of our favorite places we’ve ever traveled to and can’t wait to go back. It’s absolutely beautiful, clean, safe, friendly and has so many cool things to do.

Tokyo, Japans capital, is a mixture of ultramodern and traditional with skyscrapers right next to historic temples. For being ranked the most populous metropolitan area in the world we found Tokyo so easy to get around and surprisingly clean with and endless amount of things to do. So here’s a list of our favorite places we visited and favorite things to do in the city!



Shinjuku is a major nightlife area in Tokyo where you’ll easily be entertained just walking around. It’s also where you’ll find the famous Robot Restaurant, arcades, VR Zone and many Purikura…

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