Day 27 – Great Crested Grebe

A Species a Day

Another ‘great’ bird. I think this last week will be mostly about the birds; they’re my specialist area and gives a nice run up to until Friday, my last post of the month. This one is from my local patch again. There wasn’t too many birds around today, nothing unusual or great in number; probably due to contractors felling a tree causing temporary disturbance. A tad frustrating but it gives me an excuse to go out later in the week.

What: Great Crested Grebe – Podiceps cristatus (Linnaeus, 1758)

When: 27th January 2020

Where: Poynton Pool, Cheshire, UK

Who saw it? Me

How did I record it? On eBird (using the app)

Is it bigger than a blackbird? Yes, though hard to judge as grebes spend most of their lives on the water so half their body is underwater.

What is it? A medium-sized duck-like bird that lives in many…

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