Day 1 – Woodpigeon

A Species a Day

Today was supposed to be a start with great intentions. Unfortunately New Year’s Eve put paid to it. Not through drink but rather I currently work behind a bar that didn’t close until 02:00am, I didn’t get home until 02:45 so I got up far too late for my intended New Year’s Day walk which would have been an attempt to do the New Year’s Plant Hunt; this will now be done tomorrow. So I had intended to start right out of my comfort zone and write about a plant. But no. Birds it is, a safe territory for me. Although my first bird of 2020 was a singing Robin at 02:40am on my way home from work my first bird seen of the day was a humble Woodpigeon. So that will be species 1. I will explain the technical details listed below (like the random name and date after…

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