1-25.12.2019: The case of the disappearing winter

Košice Patch Birding


Winter apparently arrived at the beginning of December but then mysteriously vanished shortly afterwards. As you can see from the goldfinch photo above, it looks and feels more like autumn than anything else right now. But the short spell of wintry weather did bring an expected winter visitor; one of two bramblings seen only during that cold weekend, with none spotted since.






It was cold, but apparently not cold enough for the water rails; even in -5, they didn’t come out to play. I did hear moorhens calling, however, a nice surprise and reassuring to know they are still out and about.

Otherwise, very little else happening on the patch this month. Ravens are active, calling from the trees in Bankov from time to time.


And there are impressive numbers of fieldfare hanging around, fifty plus on this blustery morning.




But that’s really it; nothing unexpected or really worthy of…

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