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European olive, Olea europæa, (meaning, literally, European olive. It’s not often that a binomial name means what it says.)

I’m not sure of the cultivar or subspecies, my guess might be silvestris, but it’s a small leafed variety. Sorry to digress (you know that’s why you read my blog though) but I once witnessed a Facebook debate with a person calling a variety by the generic name “European olive” and another calling him everything but a spawn of satan because of it. I’m pretty sure the tree on debate was also a sylvestris olive.

It was a farce of snobbishness, exclusion and pure ignorance.

It was terrific to watch too.

This dude, who had “studied” with some big name masters, didn’t understand how the scientific community just doesn’t care what we Bonsai people care to call a tree. The name Olea europæa is the “type” species for the genus Olea…

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